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Lake Poso (Indonesian: Danau Poso) is a lake in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the third-deepest lake in Indonesia. The lake contains various fish, including the eel Anguilla marmorata which migrates between the lake and the sea,  and 11 fish species that are endemic to the lake, notably Adrianichthys, Mugilogobius amadi, M. sarasinorum, Nomorhamphus celebensis, Oryzias nebulosus, O. nigrimas, and O. orthognathus, which are all highly threatened (in some cases possibly already extinct). There is also a large number of endemic Tylomelania freshwater snails in the lake, as well as several endemic Caridina shrimps and Parathelphusid crabs (genera Migmathelphusa, Parathelphusa and Sundathelphusa).

The town of Pendolo is situated at the southern end of the lake, the town of Tentena is located at the northern end, while a number of smaller villages dot the shoreline. The lake drains into the Poso River at Tentena, which flows into the Molucca Sea at the town of Poso. A park containing wild orchids is located near the village Bancea on the lake. As well the forests surrounding the lake still provide rare sightings of the anoa (dwarf buffalo) and the babirusa (literally, pigdeer), a ruminant pig. These two endangered species are among a number of wildlife species found only on the island of Sulawesi.

This tourist location is located in the city of Tentena, Poso, Central Sulawesi Province. Lake Poso is one of mainstay attractions of Central Sulawesi Province. The lake is located at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level (asl) includes the third largest lake in Indonesia. The lake stretches from north to south along the 32 km wide and 16 km, with a depth of about 360 m in the south and 510 m in the North. This lake has a very beautiful natural scenery and stunning, cool weather, a stretch of sparkling white sand beaches, and mountain slopes and in the surrounding virgin forest. The strategic location, which is located in the trans-trip path between the Tana Toraja Sulawesi, Poso, Gorontalo and Manado, making the lake is always visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

Privileges owned waters of Lake Poso is a constant and very clear. Interestingly, despite the floods in several tributaries flowing into the lake, the water remains clear or turbid. In addition, the sand contained in the lake consists of two colors, namely white and golden yellow. The gleaming stretch of sand as the sun shining on the shore of Lake Poso. While at the shore of Lake Poso, the tourists will feel the atmosphere as was the sea shore. On the banks of the lake, the water looks crystal clear color greenish, while in the middle of the lake water appears blue because the water is deeper. On the banks of the lake looks small fish swim among the waves clustered in the sweeping banks of the lake. The waves are driven by wind gusts are leave white froth on the banks of the lake, almost equal to the sea shore. The difference, along the shores of this lake there are no rocks. Precisely because of these conditions, the lake is perfect for swimming. The tourists do not need to worry about his legs torn by the coral reefs. They also do not be afraid of sore eyes or throat becomes hoarse, because the lake water is not salty like sea water. The tourists can also watch the beauty of orchids in the Orchid Garden Natural Bancea. In the area of 5000 hectares. In addition, every fourth week in August, visitors can witness the Festival of Lake Poso. In the festival exhibited a wide range of competitions, such as dance performances and traditional clothing from various tribes in Central Sulawesi, a traditional game, race track area, the selection of the daughter of Lake Poso, ball games voly sand, decorative boat races, rowing boat, tug on the boat , as well as product exhibits in the regions of Central Sulawesi. Around Lake Poso available assortment of amenities, such as hotels, inns, homestay, and restaurants. One of the main menu which is served in food stalls are typical cuisine Pamona tribe called arogo, the lake fish that tastes so delicious that pity not to taste. The lake is located about 283 km south of Palu, or about 56 km from the city of Poso. From Palu to the location, can be reached about 8 hours using a four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles. While the city of Poso to the location, can be reached about 1.5 hours by four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles.

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