Pondok Tinggi Grand Mosque

pondok-tinggi.jpgThe Pondok Tinggi Grand Mosque is one of historical witnesses of Islamic dissemination in previous centuries in Kerinci Regency. It was built in 1874 by the local community.The original walls of the mosque were made of bmboo and its roof made of palm fiber.In 1890 the mosque underwent a renovation in which its walls were replaced with  beutifully carved wood.
Because of its beautiful ornamentation and architecture, the mosque received its current name of Mesjid Agung means the Great Mosque.
Mosque Agung is located about 500 m from the center of Sungai Penuh (the capitol city of Kerinci regency).
In order to enter the mosque, tourist must get permission and be accompanied by a guide, taake off their shoes and wear appropriate clothing. men are required to wear sarung and peci (traditional hat) while women are required to wear and headscarf.

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