Plengkung beach or commonly called the G-Land, is one of the beaches in Banyuwangi and has been popular known as â € œThe Seven Giant Waves Wonderâ € given by a surfer on the waves rolls views. This beach is located as part of the National Park Alas Purwo and waves at this beach is one of the best in the world, with waves up to 4-6 meters along the 2km in formation 7 composite wave. To that end, not one that Plengkung beach is a haven for professional surfers the world who want to conquer the waves whisper of this G-Land. There are several connotations why Pelengkung Beach called G-Land. The letter ‘G’ to G-Land has three terms vary. First, for the initial letter of the word “Great” as a description of the waves are incredible. Secondly, for the initial letter of the word “Green” or sometimes “Green Land” because of its location not far from a stretch of tropical rain forests are old green Alas Purwo National Park. Thirdly, referring to the ‘G’ for the initial letters of the word ‘Grajagan,’ a beach and harbor where fishing boats used by tourists to reach Plengkung. G-land designation also means as Plengkung in the Gulf Grajagan that resembles the letter G.

In addition to the Plengkung, just in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa who had such a powerful waves. Waves in Plengkung is second only to Hawaii and that has waves continuously throughout the year. Crest of waves in Plengkung only in certain months between April to August. Therefore it is not surprising Plengkung has five times been the scene of international surfing. G-land or Plengkung Beach is surrounded by natural tropical forests and beautiful, thus offering a complete package for travel and exercise. With the formation of giant waves come one after another as much as 7 layers and composite “go to left” makes it suitable ridden by surfers left-handed. This is what makes G-Land into a dream world of international surfing and one of the beaches have the best waves in the world.

Expanse of white sandy beaches in this area are still covered with natural forest and away from urban bustle. Clearly here is not enough for a cell phone signal is active, nor affordable television network, and there are also street vendors. All that has made Plengkung as the most ideal area for those who want to surf and really get away for a moment from the civilization of the city. High waves in Plengkung tends to be less appropriate for novice surfers. However, you do not have to worry if they are not able to surf because the natural scenery of this area is very charming and outstanding. Plengkung waves divided into three levels, namely kong, speedis, and many tracks. Each wave is in a different area. The first level of the wave types kong, this is a wave whose height reaches 6-8 meters. The waves of the most sought after by the international surfers. The second level, speedis, has a height of 5-6 meters and become professional surfers consumption. Then, the third level is known as many tracks with 3-4 meter high waves. Speedis waves suitable for beginners although professional surfers often come here in the month of March to June wait for July to September where the waves in Plengkung so challenging. In these months surfers from around the world arrive.

For those of you who want to learn to surf do not worry, at Pantai Batu Lawang is a great place to learn and try out the many tracks waves. Located not far from Plengkung. When reached by foot takes about 20 minutes. Foreign tourists often refer to the waves in the area known as “twenty-twenty” which means a 20 minute paddle to the center and 20 minutes to enjoy the waves catwalk.

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