Piring Dance

piring.jpgPiring or piriang (in Minangkabau languages), mean plate. This dance originally from Minangkabau, Province of West Sumatera, Indonesia. In Minangkabau cultures, plates symbolize for prosper or affluence. The dance symbolize for “Gotong-Royong” or helping each other, which is Indonesian people life-style. During the implanting of paddy in the paddy field, all the people are helping each other from the start until the harvesting time. When it comes, the harvesting party begin and the dance appearences for celebration.

This dance represents for implanting the paddy activities. Planting, irrigated the paddy and of course the harvesting time. The dance also represent for Silat style. With the traditional music of Minangkabau, this dance is very attractive and adorable.

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