Ambon, Maluku province and the capital city, is one of the city on the coast with palm trees waving to each other in every corner of the city. The beauty of the coast with the sea is blue and clear water is the main attraction for tourists both domestic and international. Pintu Kota is a big coral that looks like a gate and stay at Banda Sea. This tourism object is located in Airlaow village and Seri Village. The uniquely of this is the specific coral form.

Pintu Kota is one of the beaches in the area around the town of Ambon, which stores unique is the presence of a large hole through the rock cliffs on both sides until translucent. On the reefs which are hollow if we stood on the beach, then we can see the sea directly through the hole. Door-shaped bay beach city is a kind of rocky coasts and rocky. Parts of the sandy beach just a little. From the parking lot to the location of the beach we had to descend a rather steep stairs and narrow, which when wet must be careful not to slip. In the beach there-lodge cabins for shelter and rest with thick trees large enough.

 Pintu Kota beach is located in Latuhalat village, Ambon, Maluku province. From the parking lot to the location of the beach we have to walk down through steep, rocky and narrow stairs. You have to be careful because they are also pretty slippery. When you arrive at the beach, there will be many palm trees and a strip of green grass around the coast to welcome you. There are also benches provided, so you can see the stretch of the coast and the sea while sitting in the distance. Looking out trough the large coral holes perforated like a gate is actually the main focus of this unique beach. The reddish-brown color of the cliffs combined with a little green on the top and is a wonderful view especially when the gentle waves are hitting. Small wonder that   Pintu Kota beach is often used as a photo shooting location for Pre wedding pictures and major tourist magazines.

Gotong Royong Market in the harbor area is slowly being replaced by sanitized setting of a newly built Merdeka market. Shopping along Patty Street of the market, look for framed montages from shaped pieces of mother of pearl, ‘ikat’ cloth from Taimbar and miniature ships cleverly made from wire and cloves. At the end of Patty Street, there is the Al Fatah Mosque.

The journey to reach the site of the city of Ambon, which is approximately 15-16 km can be reached by the time approximately 1 hour travel by sedan type vehicle SUV / MPV. Besides it can also be reached by using vehicles motorcycles and vehicles of public transport. All the way to our location is also presented that are still beautiful natural scenery and the natural are not less interesting.

Potential beach next door to the City of coastal tourism can also be used for shooting events Prewedding, Wedding, modeling, fashion and also product ad or movie. The parking of vehicles is broad enough also to make the visitors feel comfortable.

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