Pinto Khop, The Resting Place of A Princess

Pinto Khop is one of Historic buildings that located in Banda Aceh and it was a connecting door between the palace and the garden of Putroe Phang. Pinto Khop is also a gateway and a resting place of Princess Phang, who having tired after swimming. 

The building has a shape that resembles a dome that is located not too far from the Gunongan or the main building. Pinto Khop was built during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda. The monument is located in Banda Aceh and now becomes the object of historic sights in Banda Aceh.

In this place, there was built a library and a living room for the empress of Sultan Iskandar Muda, and the Sultan Iskandar Muda often spend time with books after swimming, shampooing and flower bath.
Some hotels are located near the Pinto Khop like Hermes Palace, Hotel Banda Aceh, seulawah Pavilion Hotel, Lading Aceh Hotel and 61 Hotel Banda Aceh.

Pinto Khop is one of the Archaeological Heritage sites or relics from the ancient history of Aceh during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda, on 16th century. It lies in the west or in the back of the Hall of Governors, it precisely located in Sukaramai village , Baiturrahman District of Banda Aceh.

The location of Pinto Khop has an area of ± 5 ha or 4,760 m2, it is currently in use as a recreational park tour managed by the local government of Banda Aceh and has been arranged beautifuly that makes this place fully crowed by the local tourism and foreigner.

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