Pinoh River is one of the two great rivers that cut through Melawi. Along the river there is a cascade Pinoh or rapids that challenge the right tinggi.Kiri difficulty levels are hills-high hill, along the river there are community activities and forth with the speed boat and gold mining activities. Very beautiful in look and very challenging for in whitewater. There are some village along the river this Pinoh with a whole spectrum of culture and customs. The Location:
To go to a location can be reached through the river is by speed boat ride, from Nanga Pinoh. During the 30-minute journey has begun to see the first cascade and so on. Can also pass the transport lane road with a period of about 3 hours, had come to the location of large cascades.

There Pinoh Nanga hotel, inn and also restaurant. Along the river there is also a township resident (Village and Hamlet) that can accommodate guests who come.

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