Pinang Seribu Waterfall is an Object Nature Tourism in Samarinda just busy and still rarely visited by tourists both local and foreign tourists. The author himself has not visited the place this tour, the author get this information from a visitor of this website. Pinang Seribu Waterfall sempaja village located in the north, north samarinda district, to go into tourist areas is subject to an entrance fee of Rp. 2,500. Place Photo Here Pinang Seribu Waterfall Tour Sempaja.

Nature tourism Niagara Pinang Thousand facilities such as water bike games, flying fox, and others – others. Similarly to the pavilion, where to eat, and public baths. This place was usually used for Outbound event. In addition to playing the water, you can rent a bike water for 15,000 Rupiah to get around the artificial lake. You can also pay 10,000 Rupiah for fishing in the pond full. Here too there are many gazebos to relax while enjoying your lunch. If you still want to be in these places longer, you can stay in villas in the region.

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