Phang Putroe Park

phang-putroe-park.jpgPhang Putroe Park, located at the Sultan Palace complex region of Aceh in Banda Aceh. This park is made for the Empress of Sultan Iskandar Muda named Putroe Phang which means Princess of Pahang, who is from Pahang, Malaysia. In the park there is a unique building, called the structure’s history, made to resemble the hills are located in Pahang, Malaysia. The building is made at the request of the Empress himself, who always missed his hometown, Pahang, which allegedly hilly hill.

It is said, because too love the emperor with his wife, the Sultan ordered the construction of fictional structure’s history in the middle field (Castle Park) as a sign of his love. Reportedly, the princess is always sad because it harbored a profound longing for home which is hilly. Therefore, the Sultan of building structure’s history for mengubati miss the princess. Until now, this structure’s history can still be seen and visited.

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