Bajo Tribe Village


Bajo’s Tribe Villages (Tilamuta, Torosiaje, Popayato) Bajo’s tribe lives in a group and has their own culture and habit. They always make activities on the boat and they work as a fisherman. The Bajo’s tribe that still live in the boat is called as “Bangau”, because wherever they move around from one island to another islands in the end they will be back to the Toro Pantai Island to cultivating pearl and sea grass.

For you who want to know the tribe that still keep the originally of culture and life style. Don’t forget to come this village namely Bajo village. The tribe life together with their tradition and culture own make this tribe is unique and different with the other tribe. They life up on water, the house made from wood called “Rumah Panggung” means house which is erected on poles. Bajo tribe located in Boalemo sub-district, Baji village Tilamuda and the other one in Torosiaje village, sub-district of Papayato. As we know this tribe consist of two; they are who always keep their culture which life in the sea and several of them life in residence. Bajo tribe who life on ship called with “Bangau”, even though they life always spread in one island to the other island but finaly, they always back to Toro Island.

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