Penyabong Beach or Lubang Beach in Belitung

Penyabong beach is one of the tourist destinations in Belitung island. Located in the hamlet of Batu Lubang, Padang Kandis Village, Membalong District, Belitung. Penyabong beach is also known as Batu Lubang beach because it is situated in the hamlet of Batu Lubang. This beach has a natural and exotic scenery with the clear water.

This beach has a natural beauty that is almost same the beauty of Tanjung Tinggi becah. If we look at this beach has a cluster of granite rocks which are very much scattered around the beach, its the same thing as the one in Tanjung Tinggi. Only difference with Tanjung Tinggi beach namely the existence of a large granite rock that extends and connect to one another with the other granite stones and juts into the sea that resembles a natural breakwater. In addition there is the Sea pandanus trees grow in neat rows along the edge of this beach.

Penyabong beach is about 56km from Kota Tanjungpandan and can be reached by using a rental car that we can rent at several hotels or lodges in the city center. The visitors usually visit this beach on weekend or holiday.

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