Pendatio Resort – Limboto Lake


The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: “Indos” meaning Indian and “Nesos” which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelago as there are estimated to be a total of 17,508 islands. Five main islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes are home to the majority of the population. The main islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua, and last but not least Java. Let’s find the beautiful Indonesia with many culture of tribes and wonderful tourism resort. Pentadio Resort on the north of the Limboto Lake or 12 Kms from the center of Gorontalo City. This resort has complete spa, facilities, cottage, swimming pool and hot spring water pool.

Pentandio Resort has become one of the mainstay attractions of Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. The name “Pentadio” is taken from Gorontalo Language that means Pantai-danau (beach-lake), while the word Resort is taken from English language means a resting place. The area was named Pentadio because it is located on edge of beautiful and fascinating Limboto Lake. Previously, the area that stands of approximately 14 acres has been inaugurated as a tourism object by the Dutch government since 1928, marked with a memorial stone located in the hot spring baths in the area. Since then, local people made this place as a place of recreation and used to cure various diseases. Considering the tourism object has been often visited by tourists, both local and foreign in 2003, the local government of Gorontalo renovated and equipped the area by adding several supporting facilities to attract more visitors for coming. The construction has spent about 15 billion Rupiah taken from Gorontalo district budget. Finally, the area was then officially inaugurated by the Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare, Jusuf Kalla, on February 25, 2004.

In the area of Pentadio Resort, visitors can witness the blast of hot springs containing sulfur that can be used to boil the eggs until cooked. Visitors can also enjoy the water spray from the fountain that can be used to cure skin diseases. In addition, this area also features a wide range of international standard facilities and professionally managed, so that visitors can do other leisure activities in comfort, such as steam baths, dye bath, swim in hot water pool or cold, fishing, and water cycling. There is also equipped a pub and karaoke for visitors who like to sing. Pentadio Resort is located in Pentadio village, Telagabiru sub-district, Gorontalo district, Gorontalo Province, in Indonesia.

To reach the location, the trip begins from Jalaluddin Gorontalo Airport by public transports or private vehicles to take about 45 minutes. Other supporting facilities on the site are restaurants and wide parking lot. The visitors who want to stay overnight need not worry because there are available cottages or cabins equipped with TV, fridge, AC, and spring bed, designed under a typical traditional Gorontalo nuance. In addition, visitors also can buy souvenirs available at souvenir shops around the site.

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