Pengging Palace

pemandian-umbul-pengging.jpgPengging Palace, in Boyolali city 1.5km from Solo-Semarang highway, three has bathing pools whose water remains fresh and so clear despite having been visited many times. Located 10 km west of Solo Airport in Banyudono district. Moreover, the spring water never runs dry even at the driest season of the year. It is believed that the bathing pools were specially designed for kings of Pengging Kingdom. At the back of the compound lies a fishing pond where visitors can fish and grill their catch right away. There are several springs here; the one called Umbul Pengging has been built as a recreational park. The graveyard of Yosodipuro, one of the famous poets of Kraton Surakarta, which attracts some pilgrims, is also in this village. The spring nearby the mosque of the graveyard is considered of having holy water. Pengging is also a place with magical value. Some believe it was the site of Ki Ageng Pengging or Adipati/Viceroy Handayaningrat at the end period of Majapahit Kingdom. He was the grand father of Sultan Hadiwijoyo of Pajang Kingdom. Thus all the kings / rulers of Mataram, Yogya and Solo palaces are direct descendants of Pengging.




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