Pengajian Padang Mbulan

Every ‘Full Moon’ night there is a religion activity, called "Pengajian Padhang mBulan" that held at Menturo village, Sumobito district, about 15 km from Jombang toward north – east.
Seen from its history, this Pengajian Padhang mBulan is performed in 1992 for the first time, and in its development, monthly. Thousands members of Padhang mBulan come towards Menturo to follow this activity concentrated.

This public activity is not an organization or ‘ism’, so that the members are unlimited. Padhang mBulan is a community to get information about kindness, which called "Compile the heart in order to get fresh mind”. Until know on, publics loves this activity and become a religion tourism for anyone who has sad. The members who follow this activity are not only from Jombang and surroundings, but begin to explore to all Indonesia area. Commonly, there are guests from outside of country who frequently delivered by Emha Ainun Najib as the host and conveyor in this activity.

In this activity, the members also has entertained with Islamic music, a kind of “Shalawatan” music and “Hadrah” that coming from Jombang group self and group from Blitar, Surabaya, Tuban, Malang until Yogyakarta; ever present in Padhang mBulan.

Hence, beside to get sprinkling of advice, life science, the members also entertained with “shalawatan”, and the members also have sing.
This is one of religion activity in Jombang, which has known well by Jombang people.
Then from that point above, the people make a merchandise market.

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