Pencak Silat

pencak_silat.jpgPencak silat or silat is a martial art which is rooted in Asian culture of the Malays. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia, but can also be found in different variations in different countries spreading the Malays, such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and even the southern Philippines and southern Thailand. Thanks to the role of the trainers from Indonesia, Vietnam is also currently has a formidable fighter-fighter.

According to history, the tradition of “Silat” is derived orally and spread from mouth to mouth, are taught from teacher to pupil. Because it’s written record of the origin of martial arts is hard to find. Most of the history of martial arts legend is told through a variety from one region to another. As an example, the origin of martial arts called Cimande stream which tells about a woman who witnessed the fight between tigers and monkeys, and he modeled the movement of animals fighting. The origins of Indonesian martial arts are likely evolved from the skills of Indonesian indigenous tribes in the hunting and fighting with machetes, shields, and spears. As is now encountered in the Nias tribe tradition until the 20th century relatively untouched by outside influences.

And now Silat Martial Art has officially entered as a branch sport in international matches, particularly competed in the SEA Games.

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