Pemali Hot Springs in Bangka Belitung

This is one of other tourism assets of Bangka Regency beside beaches. Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Springs is located in Pemali Village, Pemali District, about 20 km from Sungailiat. The Hot Spring was first found during Dutch Colonial era by B. T. W (Bangka Tin Winning Bedrijf), a Dutch-owned tin mining company. Following the independence of the Republic of Indonesia the company was taken over and renamed PT. Timah and automatically, the existence of the hot water pathing site was under management of PT. Timah, state owned company. The Hot Spring was automatically put under the management of PT. Timah. In the seventies, the hot spring was renovated and developed by the company to become a recreation place for the surrounding people. The water of the spring comes from active groundwater which contains sulfur, and it is believed could heal various health problems by bathing in the hot water ponds available

The Tirta Tapta Pemali Hot Springs is naturally created pool from the underground hot springs in the area. Please make sure to bring along your swimming suit and be ready to jump into the hot water pool or just relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the recreation park. Pemali Hot Springs is the main tourism of Sungailiat town. This hot springs come from the active land and suit for health and avoid the rigidly by stand in the water. This tourism objects has equipped with some tourism facilities such as; hotels, shops, and more accommodation are available.

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