One of the leading resorts is located in less than an hour by road to the south of the city. The eastern side of the lake is a cool forest has an average temperature of 10 degrees C and is often hazy the whole day. A lush tea estate, reaching far out to the west and south, borders the north side. From Cimanggu Hot Spring it is just 30 minutes drive through tea plantations. This is a lovely site for boating, the lake looks a green carpet, and tea plantations surround the lake. Patengan Lake is a very popular spot for Indonesians on a Sunday and public holiday. Its location is in Ciwidey tourism area, 47 kilometers from Bandung to the South, and the site is in the area of Rancabali tea plantation. The tourism site is good for family as it offers hot spring water swimming pool, restaurants, a recreation park for kids, and bungalow as well as other supporting facilities.

The lake is located south of Bandung exactly Ciwidey area, at a height 1600 meters above sea level so the temperature here was cold. Lake patenggang has beautiful natural charm and alluring, especially the lake is almost entirely surrounded by tea gardens which when viewed from a distance like a green carpet spread.

At Patanggang Lake besides enjoying the beautiful nature you can also sail with the boat to get to the island Sasuka, Sasuka is a small island in the middle of the lake, shaded by trees of this island. Across the island there is a stone called the stone of love. They say when you write your name and the name of your partner on the rock then the love will remain eternal.

Story or myth behind this lake is when a prince who falls in love with a princess. But their love journey was not as smooth and beautiful as expected. Because eventually they must be separated by situation. How sad they were, so the tears fell to earth. And the tears that turned into a lake that was named patenggang derived from the word pateangan-teangan  (Sundanese language means to find each other). In the end they can meet, and where the meeting is a stone called the stone of love.


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