Padang is a city in West Sumatra at the center of government as well as business center. This city has a very famous legend is the story of the prodigal son who cursed his mother or commonly called a master story kundang. Not only the story of the legend are well known but the city of Padang also save quite beautiful sights that Pasumpahan.

Pasumpahan are tourist attractions in Padang are very beautiful, with an area of ??5 acres, Pasumpahan has a beach with white sand and clear sea water ready for your sambangi. Not only that, the attraction of the underwater coral reefs are still awake you must see to do snorkeling or diving.

Pasumpahan Island as Pulau Pasumpahan in Bahasa Indonesia is a very small island covers the area around 5ha contain Mangrove forest, Palm trees, White sands, the sea creatures like colorful fishes, sea turtles, and coral reefs ecosystem. Some of the tourists who came to this island also loves to swim around the island, start from the east side to the north side of the island and then back to where we start. It takes normally around 2 hours, yes a little bit of a challenge here of course if you imagine swimming on the ocean that long. However, with the current quiet and diverse marine life, peoples sometime ignore how exhausted it can be, just enjoy all the feeling which slowly replaced with the admiration to nature. The waves were rather strong that came from the opposite side of the swim lanes were only found on the west side of the island but with a good Snorkeling instruments, good swimming suit and a waterproof camera, will keep us busy even produce the extra energy to finish that 2km swimming distance. 

Pasumpahan Island is in the administrative area of Bungus, Teluk Kabung district, Padang city, West Sumatra, located not so far from Sikuai island around 200m and 45km from Padang city. In addition to various types of coral reef fish / ornamental fish like red lionfish (Pterois volitans), teripang/sotong (Sepia sp) dominated by Chaetodon trifascialis which can be found near Padang underwater are also very interesting to be enjoyed by tourists.

In addition to the tropical island with white sand, the island has the main attraction are the beautiful underwater ecosystems. Coral reefs are sufficient to be enjoyed by diving or snorkeling. There are many different types of coral fish and the main ones are about 21 species of kepe-kepe fish dominated by Chaetodon trifascialis.

You can swim around the Pasumpahan in some parts. If you desire to surround the island by swimming is possible because the current is fairly quiet. It took over 2 hours to surround the island on the east side heading north. If you want to shop around to find the point of diving, you can visit the Gosong Island, Ular Island, Sirandah Island and Pandan Island.


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