Pasola Festival, A Unique War Tournament in West Sumba

Pasola Festival is the war game tournament used horses and spears come from Sumba island. When the festival held is held the tourists began to flock to Sumba island in order to see up close how terrific war known as Pasola.

Pasola itself an act of war carried out two different groups while riding. Each group consisted of 100 youths, even armed with spears are allowed to blunt ends.

This event is very exciting and very challenging also terrible. Because it is not uncommon forces on both sides there are many victims, ranging from minor injuries, severe injuries to death. However, according to local beliefs, the more casualties so the good intentions rituals. The reason is that the victims indicated that the results of operations or their harvest in the following year will certainly abundant. That’s why many tourists and scientists would like to see up close, as well as research what underlie these beliefs.

Pasola held every year in February, March and April in three different places namely: Pasola in Wanokaka region, Pasola in Lamboya and Pasola in Gaura region.

You can see an ancestral tradition of the West Sumbanese maintained until today. West Sumba is still thick with indigenous tradition brings you enjoy the atmosphere of war is motivated by the belief that is unique and distinctive.

Pasola in Wanokaka region of Waikabubak can be reached with a two-wheeled vehicle and four wheels with the distance of approximately 30 minutes. Pasola in Waikabubak and Lamboyan region can be reached by vehicles with a mileage of less than one hour

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