Pasir Panjang Coast

pasir_panjang.jpgPasir Panjang Coast was in the Tujuh Belas Subdistrict, south of Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. This coast became one of the mainstay tourist attractions in Kalimantan Island. This coast was named Pasir Panjang Coast because of the coast that stretched long.

Pasir Panjang Coast had two different parts, the rocky part coast and the sand part coast. That made this coast become unique. The clean and wide sand carpet made this coast comfortable was used to sunbathe and play sport. Like the sand, Pasir Panjang Coast had clear water. So as tourists could swim, surfing, dove and provoked the fish in this coast.

From the coastal lip that appeared to the Natuna Sea, tourists could also enjoy blue sea scenery while considering the Kabung Island, Randayan Island and the Lemukutan Island that were seen as vague in the distance. If want to visiting those islands, tourists could lease speedboat or small boats that available in this Pasir Panjang Coast. Around this coast was also gotten a red colored small river that increased the beauty of Pasir Panjang Coast’s nature. Scenery was increasingly picturesque in the afternoon when the sun will set over the islands around the Pasir Panjang Coast.

Apart from being gotten the center of tourism information, Pasir Panjang Coast was also supplemented with gokart means, the leasing of the sea transport, tour huts, shelters, the swimming pool, various hotel kinds and shops souvenir.

To visit to the Pasir Panjang Coast, from Pontianak City tourists must arrive in Singkawang City that the distance is 142 kilometers. After been in Singkawang City, Pasir Panjang Coast only 17 kilometers again. Tourists could follow it by using the taxi, travel agent or by bus.

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