Pasia Jambak Beach

pasia-jambak-beach-view.jpgPasia jambak beach is a destination tourism in padang, which is locate in KM 14th along padang-bukittinggi highway, about 20 KM from the downtown, but as if you are from BIM/ bandara international minangkabau/ minangkabau international airport it will be about 10 KM. White sand, wide and sloping beach, also full of coconut trees along the beach will spoilt your wanting for leisure moments. Fasilities of tourism, which are gates, parking area, perform stage, foods corner, homestay, gazebo, and boat rental are provided to you. Pasia jambak beach are suitable for sun bath, swimming, boating, and ofcourse to watch the sunset. From downtown, taxi and public transportation will brought you to this tourism area

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