Parigi Moutong in the North Palu

Parigi Moutong is located in Tomini Bay, about 67 km to the North of Palu, Central Sulawesi. Tomini Bay is considered as the center of diversity for marine animal between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, amongst its inhabitants about 6 species of dolphins, 2 species of whales, and whaleshark which often frolicks in these waters. Tomini Bay offer amazing crystal clear water consistently reaching about 40 m vertical visibility creating an unobstructed view for divers to enjoy amazing coral formations in rich colors and sheer wall drop off in various dive sites.

The marine waters around Parigi are much less explored, makes the area has a healthy hard coral reef then it’s usually a strong indicator of the overall health of the marine environment in that region. A unique topography provide protection to the reefs closest to shore, providing calm conditon ensuing a relaxing dive with little to no current. In contrass, the outermost wall are directly facing the open water, pelagics are often seens in theese water, feeding on smaller fish hidding amongst the dense soft coral formations.

Diving around Parigi Moutong is open the possibilities for divers to discover the coral reefs, critter and fishes, various dive spots available here from slope to the vertical wall and drop off, divers will be greeted tuba sponges and Salvadore Dali sponges (Petrosia lignose), some reaching gargantuan size of over two meters in length. In addition to stunning coral formation, the unique topography of intricate coral mounds will leave divers breathless with amazement.

For underwater photography lover, beside for Wide photos, macro object also can be found here such as seahorse, ghost pipefish, nudies, anemone, and many more.

Beside the Diving spot, there is an island around Parigi Moutong called Bat Island in Indonesia call it Pulau Kelelawar, The island is flanked by two capes of mangrove forest forming like a gate. The Kelelawar island is a breeding place of bat species. The uniqueness of the bat in this island is on their color, i.e., yellow, brown and black.

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