Parang Ijo Waterfall on the Slope of Mount Lawu

Parang Ijo Waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu with a height of about 50 m. This waterfall is approximately 20 minutes from the complex of Cetho temple. Situated in the hamlet Munggur, Girimulyo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java Province.
Parang Ijo Waterfall is located about 2 km from the junction Nglorok. Can be reached by private vehicle or public either two or four wheels with the road conditions are pretty good. From Nglorok junction turn left toward Cetho. Furthermore, just follow the road until arriving at then location Parang Ijo Waterfall. The road to the waterfall is quite narrow, very difficult when two vehicles cross paths, winding and up and down.
For you who use public transport from Solo city take bus majors Tawangmangu or Matesih and get off at the terminal Karang Pandan. Then in this terminal change with little blue bus with route Karang Pandan – Ngargoyoso – Kerjo, down at the fork Nglorok for Rp 2.000, -. The next trip to take the paved road as far as 1.9 km to arrive in the post, the trip can be reached by walking or riding a motorcycle with the official rate and affordable.
Not far from the post there is three junction to Niagara Jumog and Sukuh, whereas if you turn left onto Cetho and Parang Ijo Waterfall. Take the left and continue to follow to arrive at the location of the waterfall is located. The facilities are available like a tower view, playground area, pool and food vendors stalls.

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