Papuma beach located in the Lojejer village, Wuluhan District, 45 Km south of the town of Jember. Papuma beach offers the feel of a very beautiful place to visit. Along the coast there Papuma clean white sand and beautiful, and allow the foreign tourists who come to sunbathe on the beach. In addition to presenting various soothing atmosphere, a small land that juts into the sea on the south coast of East Java also store a variety of tropical flora and fauna typical. Such as dragons, chicken Alas, birds with a variety of species, Boar, deer, porcupine and pangolin. Anyone who has visited the gently sloping white sandy beaches never get tired to enjoy it. geographical conditions are stable, and even make this tourist area can be enjoyed in any weather, both in the dry season and during the rainy season arrives.

Papuma beach itself is an acronym formed from the names as White Sand Malikan. The word “promontory” is added in front of him, to describe the position of the coast that juts into the ocean southwest region. Besides the beach, the forest is located on the other side also makes it a tourist attraction. When Tanjung Papuma the wave conditions were fairly quiet. Sea surface appear bluish green always invite every visitor to swim or just touch the feet of the waves rolling onto the beach ripple. During that time, every tourist tempted to sail her. Moreover, very fine white sand and never leave itching in the skin can also become a magnet for tourists to like Tanjung Papuma.

On this beach provided some means of support for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere Papuma longer, such as lodging and camping. At sunset, the atmosphere on the beach Papuma will be more beautiful to enjoy. The dim twilight and sea swish increasingly thunderous cause dramatic atmosphere reluctant to abandon.

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