Mamuju in West Sulawesi province as the city has a superior tourist potential and can be developed into a pleasant picnic destination. Although in some areas there have been points of travel, but always just born a new tourist spots, one of them is “Panorama Beach” or were known by the name “Panorama beach” or “Rangas Beach”.

Panorama Beach classified as new tourist attractions in Mamuju, in addition to other sights such as Karampuang Island, Bukit Jati Gentungan, Bath Sodo (Kali Produktion) and Niagara Tammasapi the first there and known by the residents. Panorama beach Rangas precisely located in the village, district Simboro, Mamuju.

This attraction is about 11 km from the town of Mamuju district. Access is quite easily and smoothly, using a motor vehicle (two-wheel or four wheels). You can go to the western city of Mamuju to get to the location of this tour takes about 15-20 minutes. To get to the coast from the main road you have to continue the journey along approximately 4 km.

This attraction is managed private parties who provide a wide range of tourist facilities, such as the exact number of gazebo facing the sea, is roughly equal to the design which is owned Mampie Beach in Polewali. These gazebos are under towering palm trees to give a fresh and natural impression if you want to enjoy the beach breeze. On the opposite coast there are green mountain backdrop which you can watch with the distance that looks so close.

In addition to the gazebo, also available facilities serving food menu (very appropriate for those who want to enjoy a culinary tour while looking view beach), the facility houses singing, also for swimming. For other tourist facilities such as arenas of entertainment of water attractions have not been provided by the manager, because the object is still in the development stage.

 What’s exciting of Panorama Beach is that you can see the view from afar Karampuang Island, it is because the location of this beach in the west of the city and still in the bay Mamuju. To just spend time on the weekend, then you can visit the beach. Activities such as swimming, playing on the beach, or looking at open ocean can be an option activities. To enjoy the sunset or sunrise Panorama Beach will only display the bias only, the location is less strategic and are in Mamuju bay make this beach a maximum not to see the sunrise or sunset.

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