Pampang Cultural Park

To Do
Pampang is an interesting cultural park to understand the life of Dayak Kenyah tribe. Visitors could see attractive dances performed by the tribe’s children, teenagers and adults. The show is performed in a Lamin or a customary home of Dayak tribe. Usually, 8 dances are performed in one show such as nyelamai sakai dance (welcome dance for guests), ajay (war dance), enggang terbang and berburu (hunting dances).

To Stay
Pampang village is relatively near Samarinda city center, therefore, it is also possible for you to stay in Samarinda. You will find many hotels of one to four stars in certain streets in Samarinda.

To Eat
This area does not provide any food stall. You could bring along snacks and drinks for watching the show.

To Buy
In addition to performing arts, another attractive event for tourists in Pampang Park is the sales of various types of local souvenirs by Dayak Kenyah community. They sell necklaces, bracelets, belts, skull-caps, hats, traditional clothings and their accessories, which are mostly made of beads and bamboos. One of its leading handicraft is oval-shaped bamboo bag. Price of this bag is about Rp 250.000-Rp 300.000.

Please note that the performing art is held in Pampang only on Sundays from 2pm to 3 pm local time. When you visit this village on other days (outside the show schedule), you will not find anything because Dayak Kenyah community performs their daily activities.
When buying souvenirs, it is best for you to come one hour before the show. Dayak Kenyah community usually opens their stores from 10 or 11 am because after the show, they usually pack their merchandises. After the show you could take pictures with local children or teenagers in traditional outfits.

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