Palung Mountain National Park

In Palung Mountain National Park area, there is one species of orchids, namely, the Black Orchid (coelogyne Pandurata), which is widely available in about Matan River. Black orchids usually bloom for 5-6 days in the month of February to April. This species is called the Black Orchid since there is a black color at the center of interest. It would be a shame if the orchid lovers can not see when the flowers bloom.

In addition to an unspoiled forest, Palung Mountain National Park also offers a variety of other fascinating attractions, including Datok Island Beaches, waterfalls, diverse variety of wildlife, and cultural communities. For those of you who like to climb a mountain, you can make a climb in Palung Mountain (116 m asl) or  Panti Mountain (1050 m asl).

In addition to destination attractions and outdoor adventures, this national park is also a center of research on various types of animals and plants. Research centers in this region is Panti Station Research Branch, a research station founded in 1985 on the west side of Palung Mountain foothills.

One of the existing facilities at the Palung Mountain National Park is the Post Resort. This area is managed by personnel who are equipped with communication equipment and ground transportation and water. In addition, there is also the place to Shelter Tours recreation and nature tourism. Existing facilities at the Research Station Branch Nursing Home is a research camp facilities, laboratories, residence manager, and libraries. The tourists can also rent a house residents as a place to live or stay with their (local home-stay), or set up camp on the grounds of the camp. In addition, the available tour guide will lead you to explore this national park. The tourists who want to visit the Palung Mountain National Park can take several paths.

First, from Pontianak to Ketapang by airplane (2.5 hours) or by Express Boat (six hours). Then, travel from Ketapang  to the Gulf of Melano reached by minibus (2 hours). Travel from Gulf of Melano to Mountain National Park can be reached by the Long Boat (6 hours).

Second, the journey from Pontianak to Gulf of Batang can be reached by using the Express Boat (4 hours). Gulf of Batang to the Gulf of Melano, can be reached by minibuses (one hour), and the Gulf of Melano into Palung Mountain National Park can be reached by the Long Boat (6 hours).

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