Pacu Jawi

pacu-jawi.jpgPacu Jawi or means by Cow Race is an interesting cultural events originating from West Sumatra. Not too difficult to get the Pacu Jawi’s held, if you came from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, you just need to go towards the Padang Panjang roughly about two hours traveling using public transportation.

Pacu Jawi is unique cultural event because it is very different compared to other traditional events that exist in Indonesia. If the Karapan Sapi is a cultural attraction that comes from Madura and popular held in dry field, then Pacu Jawi held at the muddy rice fields and is usually carried out according to the harvest season. Show romanization

Basically this event is held in order to harvest more lively and fun. The jockey riding a pair of cow while holding the cow’s tile. In order for a cow can run with racing, the jockeys sometimes have to bite the cattle, the harder the bite of the jockeys eat cow would run faster. So also with the winner, in order for the cow can run fast, sometimes the jockey had to bite the cow’s tail, more harder jockey’s bite, then the cow would run faster.

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