Pacal Reservior

It was the Dutch legacy reservoir that was built during 1933; the area of this reservoir is about 3.878 km with the depth 25 meters. Besides its primary function to irrigate the agricultural field in Bojonegoro regency, it is also comfortable to visit. Nearby its beautiful scenery, here also provided the boat quay, and fishing area, the reservoir tourist attraction of Pacal is located about 35 km south of Bojonegoro city by public transport or person’s vehicle. The visitors or tourists could arrive at this place easily.

Pacal Reservoir has 3,878-kilometer width, and 25 km depth is the Dutch reservoir built-in 1933, and the water is accompanied by the nature panorama and the exciting teak forest. The tourism events is held every October alongside the anniversary of the Bojonegoro Regency. The ritual events are “Larung Sengkolo” and “Jasman Waranggono Tayub” to declared “Wisuda Waranggono Tayub.”

This Pacal Reservoir is also supported by some facilities such as cottages, fishing arena, canoe, kiosk, etc. The development of the Pacal reservoir is directed to transportation, accommodation, telecommunication, and other tourism objects’ facilities. This tourism object is also suitable for fishing and canoeing.

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