Otanaha Fort

otanaha.jpgOtanaha Fort located on top of hill in Dembe village, Kota Barat sub district, Gorontalo. This fort was built in 1522 years. Its have history that happened around 15 century ago. This fort built when Gorontalo kingdom was head by King Ilato cooperation with Portugal’s.

Otanaha fort  has four fortifications and has 348 stairs to help you go to the top of fort. The stairs totally are different for every fortification. First fortification there is 52 stairs, second fortification there is 83 stairs, third fortification there is 53 stairs, forth fortification there is 89 stairs and the last to reach the top you have to up stairs with 71 stairs anymore. Totally : 348 stairs.

Another fort, such as Otahiya fort you have to up stairs around 245 stairs and 59 stairs for Ulupahu fort. The located of these forts are same located with Otanaha fort. Because, if you are finally can reach the top of Otanaha fort you can see Otahiya and Ulupahu fort around it which also you can see Limboto Lake close them. You can see sunrise or sunset time on the top Otanaha fort.

quoted from : http://www.indonesia-gateway.web.id/articles/index/note,1893/

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