Orange Fort Maluku


Fort Oranye is located at the centre of Ternate City on the island of Ternate, North Maluku province, in Indonesia’s Maluku Islands. It is named after the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange.

Built by the Dutch in 1607 when they set about establishing a monopoly the sultan’s cloves, it is located on top of an undated Malay version. It was the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Company until it moved to Batavia (Jakarta) around 1619. The fort was later used as the residence of the Dutch governors in Ternate.

Today, the fort is unrestored, although the walls are in good shape despite numerous earthquakes over the years. Parts are used by the military and police. Public access is allowed.

built by the Dutch in 1607 and also serves as the headquarters of the VOC until the year 1619 before the VOC headquarters moved to Batavia. The fort also serves as the residence of Dutch governor in Ternate. Today, the fort became the headquarters of Indonesia military and police, but tourists are allowed to see the grandeur of this castle.

Area around the city of Ternate has some interesting tourist sites to visit. Available roads that surround the island of Ternate, so most of the tourist sites that can be achieved by riding public transportation from the city of Ternate.

Some interesting attractions around the city of Ternate, among others: Citadel Tolukko, Angus Stone, Sulamadaha, Tolire Great Lakes, Afetaduma, Kastela, Laguna Lake, and Mount Fortress Fire Gamalama Kalamata.

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