Olele Sea Park


If you travel through the southern coast of Gorontalo, then you will see stunning scenery, the calm blue sea by being in Tomini Bay area rich with fish, with views of white sand beaches and fishing boats are lined up beautifully. If you stop at the beach Olele, and do a dive, then you will see underwater views of the park which is said to have its own peculiarities as compared with other marine parks in areas that have been known, such as Bunaken Marine Park or Marine Park in Central Sulawesi Islands Togean. Even in the Marine Park Olele annunciator that is more natural in comparison with the marine park on top. Olele Marine Park is located in the Village District Olele Kabila Bolango Bone Bone regency, ± 20 km from the center of Gorontalo city and is within ± 21 minutes, can be reached by land vehicles and marine vehicles. If by land, by using the two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel winding through the streets on the outskirts of the hill. Olele to the village, you will be combing the winding twisty road, across the residential population with a contrasting view. On the one hand you away with steep wooded cliffs and on the other hand, blue-green expanse of ocean stretching indefinitely make you surprised. Olele Coast is the gateway to heaven Olele Marine Park with a very beautiful marine nature. The divers of the world have proved it with my own eyes. They stated that some marine life found there is not found in other waters.

Marine park Olele save a lot of beauty, of which there are “Goa Jin” with ornamental fishes, Marine Life, Coral reefs are healthy, solid and beautiful, the Giant Flower Coral, Some types of fish are rare and only found in the waters of the bay Tomini. Currently, the Marine Park Olele become tourist icons in Gorontalo province in the south coast. If a visit to Gorontalo, not complete it if you do not visit this location. Understandably, the fame to Coast Olele resound in other areas earning it the nickname excellent the south coast. coral reefs adorned by rainbows of fish and other marine biota. One of the rare coral reefs can be found is that resemble works of artists Picasso sculpture from Italy.Society as a coral reef named Picasso. If lucky, divers can see marine mammals, fish, dolphins, who are not shy of divers welcome. When snorkeling, be careful with jellyfish stings. The size of the mini looks interesting colorful emission especially when exposed to sunlight. But do not worry, the itch will disappear immediately when witnessing the beauty of the underwater paradise Olele. For those who are not divers, do not worry. Original glazed wooden boat carrying tourists ready-made population a trip across the waters to enjoy the beauty looks over coral reefs, fish and other marine biota.Olele beach is planned to be used as a National Tour, because of its location frequently visited by foreign tourists who see the beauty of the marine park Olele Coast. The beauty of the Sea Garden diving center Olele often used by both local and foreign tourists. Olele beach which has a variety of marine life can also be developed into a marine tourism object model (ekotourisme) which could bring in tourists. Because it is still in development stage, in Côte Olele have not found any accommodation is facilitated to the migrants, or other means of support as a tourist – tourist attractions in Indonesia, so that visitors sometimes have to borrow the rooms of citizens to change clothes after swimming or diving. Regarding the usage fee depending on the talks between the homeowners with travelers, but usually the price is not expensive and relatively affordable. Olele Village Community residents are familiar with the presence of outsiders who come visiting the beach Olele. Even the local community is always open arms to receive visitors from outside. People feel proud of the Coast Olele which serve as a tourist attraction, even local people have agreed to treat guests with the utmost respect and courtesy.

To get to this particular sea park is very easy, it is only about 20 kilometers from Gorontalo. If you go by land, it takes you about 40 to 50 minutes to get to Olele. Through sea, you can rent a speedboat Gorontalo sea port to go directly to Olele. When you’ve arrived in Olele, there are also small boats that can take you the spots you would like to go to for its amazing sponges. It is about two hundred fifty thousand rupiah.

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