Jakarta Old Town is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta which is always crowded with tourists. Jakarta city landmark is the Old Town charm of historical attractions in Jakarta which gave a lot of knowledge, especially if you get into the Museum Fatahillah. Not only tourists in the country, the tourists who come to Jakarta even set foot in a place like the Old City tour. It can not be separated from Jakarta to the promotion of international travel. Jakarta faces as the center of government and the Indonesian economy is slowly being transformed as one of the favorite destinations for tourists. There are a number of tourist attractions in Jakarta’s Old Town are worth your visit. Besides explore historical places, tourist attractions Old Town you will be presenting culinary offerings that you can enjoy. Call it the Cafe Batavia, or you can stop by the cafe Gazebo to enjoy traditional food dish. No less is less, snacks that are often encountered as gado-gado, soup, egg crust is also available to many there.

Kota Tua is a remainder of Oud Batavia, the first walled settlement of the Dutch in Jakarta area. The area gained importance during the 17th-19th century when it was established as the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies. This inner walled city contrasted with the surrounding kampung (villages), orchards, and rice fields. Dubbed “The Jewel of Asia” and “Queen of the East” in the 16th century by European sailors, the area was a center of commerce due to its strategic location within the spice trade industry in the archipelago.

As an important city and commerce hub in Asia since the 16th century, Oud Batavia is home to several important historical sites and buildings:
1. Relic from the Old Batavia
2. Cafe Batavia
3. Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Former Court of Justice)
4. Gereja Sion (17th century church, the oldest surviving church in Jakarta, and probably in Indonesia)
5. Jakarta History Museum (18th century City Hall of Oud Batavia)
6. Glodok and Pinangsia Area (Jakarta Chinatown)
7. Kali Besar (original river of Oud Batavia)
8. Kota Intan Drawbridge (the only surviving Dutch drawbridge in Indonesia)
9. Luar Batang Mosque
10. Maritime Museum and Menara Syahbandar (former warehouses of Oud Batavia)
11. Pasar Ikan (Fish Market)
12. Port of Sunda Kelapa (the original port of Oud Batavia)
13. Jin De Yuan Temple (Vihara Dharma Bhakti, the oldest Buddhist temple in Jakarta)
14. Petak Sembilan Chinese Street Market
15. Toko Merah (18th-century mansion of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff)
16. Wayang Museum (20th-century former Museum of Oud Batavia marking the site of the to

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