Tourist Attractions Bono is located in the village of Meranti bay, along the Kampar River and Rokan River. Bono is the wave or waves that occur in Muara Kampar River, Pelalawan, Riau Province, Indonesia. Bono is a natural phenomenon that comes before the high tides. In which sea water flows in and met with water coming from the river Kampar causing a wave with a fairly high speed, as well as produce a voice like thunder and the sound of wind. Usually the waves or wave just happened on the beach or ocean or lake area due to changes in water currents and wind. The waves are large enough to play surfing utilized. So, if you see people surfing on the beach is a familiar thing. But seeing people surfing on the stream is an extraordinary thing.

Bono most typically occurs when the rainy season where the water flow is large enough that the Kampar River in November and December. At the time of high tide season, there are waves in the Kampar river can reach 4-6 meters, which extends from edge to edge and covering the whole body from the river. This unique event happens every day, the day or at night. Things to attract tourists to this attraction is swimming, fishing, canoeing, and many other activities.

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