Objek Wisata Batu Mapan


This attraction is a unique attraction, which according to public confidence Tana Tidung that this is where the elders meditating to gain strength kenuragan and supposedly the story of the prince and his descendants held the supernatural in this place. This location is situated at Km 6 Tidung Pale, Tana Tidung. Tideng Pale locals know this place as a heritage site. Many elders believed that meditation at this place. At the edge of the waterfall Rock Steady, there are a small cave which becomes a meditation elders. Stratified water flow, used to refresh the body or just release thirst.

When the warning Anniversary Tana Tidung held in January, local communities have come to give offerings to the elders at this Mapan Stone. Rock Steady location is located 4KM from downtown Tideng Pale and can be reached by motor vehicle within 15 minutes.

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