Nirwana Beach, White Sand Beach in the Center of Bau Bau

Nirwana Beach is one of the few beaches in Bau-Bau City which still has a natural beauty that can be enjoyed by tourists who visit Nirwana Beach. It has a distance of 11 km from the center of Bau-Bau, and can be reached by land or sea. 
Nirwana Beach is a white sandy beach extends about 4 km which presents a panorama of the beautiful sunset and overlooking the sea, surrounded by cliffs are quite high. Besides that Nirwana Beach also has a fascinating underwater beauty, ranging from coral reefs, exciting small fishes, and a wide variety of marine habitats there. Travelers who visit Nirwana Beach can do various activities, such as water sports or just relaxing on a warm beach atmosphere, and release fatigue and enjoy the comfort of a vacation.

In another part of Nirwana Beach area there are indentations shaped rock caves that can be used as a resting place. Nirwana Beach area also has a relatively calm surf conditions can be used for boating, fishing, water sky, diving, beach volleyball and water sports. Nirwana Beach tourism has also been equipped with eight gazebo, restroom, where rest area and soft drink vendors and rental buoy.

Nirwana Beach area is one of the tourist potential in Bau-Bau are ready to become the attractive tourist destination in Indonesia with unspoiled natural beauty, as well as a beautiful marine tourist. Based on the data of tourist arrivals, the number of tourists visiting Nirwana Beach over the past 5 years has increased, especially for foreign tourists.

The potential of the tourist area Nirwana Beach has not fully maximized by the City of Bau-Bau which serves as a driving factor for the development of tourist areas Nirwana Beach, besides the tourist area Nirwana Beach are also not supported by the condition of facilities and tourism infrastructure are complete and good, as yet the presence of a parking lot for visitors as well as some other facilities have been damaged as Gazebo who suffered damage to the roof, the physical condition of the toilets which have been unsuitable and landfills that have been damaged. The condition is caused due to non optimal management conducted by the government of Bau-Bau on Nirwana Beach area.

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