Nirwana Beach


Eleven kilometres southwest of Bau Bau, the nearest white-sand beach is the attractively palm-lined Pantai Nirwana, though there is a certain amount of rubbish. Locals believe the waters here can cure a variety of skin disorders. For swimming it’s better to continue on another 10km to local favourite beach Pantai Batuaga. The beauty of small fish colorful chasing back and forth on the sidelines of the coral reefs can be seen on this beach. Claw Fish, one of the species of fish that are rarely seen near the coast can be enjoyed anyone doing activities snorkeling or diving at depth with a more complete diving equipment. If lucky, sea turtles can be seen on the beach that its distance is no more than 30 minutes away from the city center, as well as other marine life is certainly his.

Kadatua Island and Siompu Island would look stretched in front of the beach Nirwana, makes anyone standing on its beach in soft sand, amazed at the gift of his Lord. Green palm trees blowing in the breeze as if stand with anyone who comes to visit, accompany her enjoying the feel beautiful. Nirwana also offers the beauty of the beach which has a combination of attractive colors sea water. Unlike other beaches that have only one or at most two color combinations, this beach has three color combinations of sea water at once, namely white, light blue and dark blue-green. Her third is clearly separated from each other, and in addition by sun exposure over its ripples would make anyone who looked unnerved her. When the body has felt tired or do not want to enjoy the view of the soft sand stuck too much in between the toes, ‘Gode-Gode’ can be utilized. Residents around a kind of hut built in the wake of this wood for visitors who want to unwind.

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