When we hear the word “Bengkulu” we will definitely float to the floral and unique and rare, Rafflesia Arnoldi. Bengkulu also save various natural attractions are unique and distinctive. Like Long Beach, Tapak Padri Beach, Lake Princess Seven Colors, Rat Island, and much more. In addition to the attractions mentioned above, it turns out Bengkulu also save a lot of water is very fascinating. One of the waterfalls is a Waterfall Nine Levels or also commonly referred to as waterfall Nine. This waterfall is called Nine Rate Falls as the water flow is stratified (cascade). This uniqueness makes the Waterfall Nine Levels as one of the mainstay tourism sector of North Bengkulu.

Nine Levels Waterfall is one of the mainstay attractions in the province of Bengkulu. Many domestic and foreign tourists who visit there each year. This waterfall located in the village of Padang Jaya, Padang Jaya District Korotidur, Kab. North Bengkulu. Prior to the Nine Levels Waterfall tourist locations, you can stop by the North Bengkulu district capital, ie Argamakmur. Here, you can purchase personal equipment is required, as a preparation for the Nine Levels Waterfall.

Nature tourism is indeed located in protected forest areas are still experiencing. A wide range of flora and fauna are found in this place. This attraction is located about 120 km from the airport Fatmawati, the city of Bengkulu. From the airport you can travel a road heading north Bengkulu. Nature is perfect for nature lovers. A base region of protected forest is suitable for you lovers of nature and adventure lovers free. To reach the site, you will pass through the hills and forests protected with a variety of flora and fauna typical of Bengkulu. In this type of water flowing form the tiers. From the top of the hill the water will pass through the winding levels in between green trees. Beautiful scenery became increasingly biased when the formation of the rainbow from water vapor flow. This natural beauty would not normally be forgotten.


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