Ngurbloat Beach

A number of rooms at several nearby lodging is provided for tourists who want to spend the night on the beach. Inns are generally in the form of tropical-style houses on stilts made of wood.

The land of Kei Kecil Island in the form of rocks causing only certain types of plants can grow there. Big trees are rarely found.
kei kecil

To go to the Southeast Maluku itself, tourists can use the aircraft or ship from Ambon, the capital city of Maluku. Traveling from Pattimura Airport, Ambon, to Dumatubun Airport in Langgur takes approximately 1.5 hours using a small aircraft. There are flights from Ambon to Langgur almost every day with different airlines.
beach lane

For those who like to use sea transport, the journey can be made from Port Yos Sudarso, Ambon, to the Tual Port. This journey takes approximately 18 hours with a passenger ship owned by PT Pelni. That include two hours stop in the Port of Banda Naira. However, sea travel is usually only once a week. but If I were you, I’d prefer the sea transport.

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