On the road from Bukittinggi to Payakumbuh these caves extend deep into the mountainside. The domains of thousands of bats, which we won’t see but only, hear and sense as they fly close over our head. At the main entrance is a stone with an outline of an elephant visible on its face. The coolness and damp air is refreshing after the tropical heat outside. The path through these caves leads out to the top of the mountain from where it is quite panoramic. The drive up to the hillside itself is worth making because of the variety of the exquisite views along way.

Payakumbuh nature in West Sumatra is very diverse. One is “Ngalau Indah”. “Ngalau Indah” is a tourist spot of the cave in which the region is protected green forest. The air was very clean so it is perfect for those of you who want to be separated from the dirty urban air shortly.

Caves “Ngalau Indah” is a cave with a very beautiful view where there are stone stalactites and stalagmites as well. The stalactites and stalagmites are formed from natural prose that is the deposition of lime for hundreds of years. A carving and ornamentation in tourist place is really very amazing.

When it goes into the cave, you will feel very cool air, fresh and slightly damp. Inside the cave there are also thousands of bats are almost invisible. Just the sound of his voice alone-sounding. Nature in “Ngalau Indah” is so amazing because you can see the various ornaments and natural beauty that is formed naturally.

Caves “Ngalau Indah” is located on the slopes of the hills of the village Payakumbuh where this adds to the beauty of natural scenery. Travel to these attractions only takes approximately 3 hours from downtown Padang. During the trip, you will be treated to views of nature on the sides of the road and a ravine deep enough. When he came to the cave, your eyes will be pampered with beauty.


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