Natsepa Beach

natsepa.jpgNot far up the east coast of Leihitu, Natsepa is Ambon’s most famous, and for long time, most popular beach. Songs have been written to praise its beauty and every local will tell you to visit. It might then come as a shock to discover that Natsepa is not much of a beach by Malukan standards – it’s more like a short, shallow stretch of the cost that becomes a broad mud-flat during low-tide. It has the inevitable ticket-office charging you for entry, and countless food-stalls mostly selling rujak (spicy fruit salad) for which Natsepa is also famous. On weekends it becomes extremely crowded. If still curious, it’s easy to stop to have a quick look on the way to eastern Leihitu. During the week it is less crowded.

Alternative: Keep going north to Liang for a really fine beach! Closer to the city, the beaches of southern Leitimur are also better than this one.

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