This beautiful beach is often visited by Ambon society and very popular in the region. In the town that known with its ‘Rujak’, is suitable for have sunbathing or swimming.

Located in the village of Suli at Salahutu District of Central Maluku regency, Natsepa Beach is a well known tourist site by people of the island of Ambon. The beach that located about 18 KM from the center of Ambon city is often selected by city residents who want to enjoy the day off. he beach is gently sloping, wide and very well known with fine white sand. Prior to enter this tourist area, outside of the beach there are rows of sellers salad and other traditional foods of Ambon. With a sloping beach and white sand many people come here to relax, swim, snorkel, or rent a canoe to get around the beach.

On this beach also available some shelters that can be used by visitors, while relaxing they can see the sights of Baguala bay from the beach. On certain days such as religious holidays or national holidays beach managers provide the Moluccas traditional cultural performances such as “Bambu Gila” (crazy bamboo) or other shows. The very popular snack or traditional food at this beach are a “rujak (salad) Natsepa” and “sagu gula” (sago with sugar).

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