Nanas Island, Inhabited Island in Bangka

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Nanas Island is located in Parit Tiga district, this island is part of tens of small islands such as Nanas Besar (4,000 m sq in width), Nanas Kecil (2,000 m sq), and Putri (1,000 m sq). It only takes 20 minutes to get there by fishing boat from Bakit village, Parit Tiga or 45 minutes from Tanjung Gudang port, Belinyu, Bangka regency. For the boat rent, usually you only have to pay about 300,000 IDR.

People commonly come to this island which used to be a pineapple plantation from which the name was derived – to fish or camp. It has a historical remain of a Portuguese fortress on it.

Indeed, not many people visit this island yet for they usually come to Putri Island instead. Nevertheless, this inhabited island also has scenic view of white sandy beach colored with coconut trees and scattered of rocks. It’s a quiet, peaceful little island which will be rather busy at the weekend.

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