Nambo Beach


Nambo Beach is a beautiful beach a distance of ± 12 km from the city of Kendari, or about 15 minutes towards the south of Kendari by using two-wheeled vehicle or four wheels and can also use a traditional motorized boat (kole-kole) about 15 minutes from the port city of Kendari down Kendari. Beach bay is enthused a lot of visitors because it was relatively close. Nambo with white sand beach has a gentle atmosphere of calm, cool weather and a stunning panorama that this place is always a choice the people of Kendari for saturation and release daily routine on the weekends, this place has provided a parking lot, gazebo, where the rinse shower and traditional traders offering various types of merchandise. In Kendall and surrounding areas, Nambo Beach is a favorite tourist attraction for residents. Because this beach is comfortable to relax. To unwind and tired. The atmosphere is serene because of the relative noise of the city untouched.

This beach used to be swamp. Then the local government to build it as a tourist location. There is a pavilion that was built on the waterfront. In this hall you can enjoy the beauty of the beach, with extensive sea views Bokori a tiny island, and enjoy the coconut
young. The waves are calm and clear water is fit for swimming. Available traditional sampan boats that lined the shore. You can rent it at a rate of Rp 5,000 per hour. Every weekend, Nambo Beach presents a variety of entertainment and performances. There are modern music, some traditional music. This beach is also equipped with supporting facilities such as toilets, house floating in the ocean that can be rented for overnight, camping ground, as well as food stalls offering drinks and other snacks. No loss you spend the day at the beach Nambo.

Nambo Beach is located in the  Abeli District, about 12 km from downtown Kendari. The beach is easily accessible by car or public transportations. The Office of Tourism of Kendari has a wooden cottage just a little behind the huts on the beach which is available for rent. The cottage is made resembling the traditional house of Sulawesi. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 shared bathrooms within the cottage.

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