Mystical Bats and hot water Lejja Watansoppeng

mystical_artikel1.jpgSoppeng District is one of the unique cities in Indonesia. The town is situated among the mountains which has a cool climate is situated in the northern city of Makassar, is about 150 kilometers. But not only that, the district with an area of 1359.44 square km, is also promising a number of natural attractions and cultural interest.

When entering the city, the noise and smell typical of Bats will welcome us. Bat-bat-black color that beautifully colored hanging in the capital Soppeng with large trees. So, nothing wrong with this city dubbed the city of Bats (bat). The existence of this Bat that has been decades for the local community is not just a coincidence. Local people believe bats-bats such as town guards and conveyor of news about something good or bad happen in their town. In addition, the community also believe that immigrants who urinated by the hordes of bats-bats, a sign they are paired with residents Soppeng.

In addition, one of the mainstay Tourism Hot Water bath Watansoppeng is located in District Lejja Marioriawa, north about 20 miles from city center Watansoppeng with the distance to a location about 1-2 hours. Blowing cool air of the mountains will welcome the tourists who come to visit. Stunning scenery will we sakiskan when we are in the middle of the forest area that is still tergaja authenticity. With the condition of steep roads full of sharp turns and also a special experience for visitors.

Besides enjoying a swim in the pool of warm water, lots of people visiting Lejja with the goal of treatment. Natural hot springs that flow through the pool Lejja believed to cure various skin diseases such as itching and to treat acne. In fact, for some people that in fact Soppeng still believe in the mythical smelly things, a visit to Lejja often been targeted for doing khaul or intentions. So no wonder if in some trees, sometimes found empty cans hanging. Cans, shall become a symbol of hope somebody. If the desire in question have been fulfilled or realized, then he will come back to Lejja to release the cans that have been hung.

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In this natural bath, in addition to a swimming pool, also available some cottage. Capacity of which only fit 5 people, until quite used to meeting rooms with capacity up to 40 people more. In Lejja region, there are also a number of flora and fauna. Among them there are banyan trees, bitti wood, teak, eucalyptus, walnut, memories and jackfruit. While the types of fauna, there are black macaques, hornbills, pack, pack, wild pigs, snakes and lizards fields.

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