Mutun Beach, Beautiful White Sand Beach in South Lampung – Lampung

Mutun Beach is one of the beaches in the province of Lampung are easily accessible. Located not far from Bandar Lampung, which is a growing city in the province and has complete facilities. If you visit to Bandar Lampung, you can enjoy a variety of games and the beauty of the beach in Mutun.

To visit this beach, you have to travel a distance of about 25 km from Bandar Lampung. Located on Padang Cermin district, Pasawaran regency. The distance is take for about 20 until 30 minutes from Bandar Lampung. On the left side of a right onto Beach Mutun, green trees into the trimmer off the street that is quite good. A hint on the main road would be a marker if you have to turn to reach this beach. From the highway, now a dirt road with rocks must pass to reach this beach. The distances are not too far away, only about 1 km. After paying the entrance fee, you can now enjoy the lively atmosphere of the beach. Boating, canoeing, banana boating or swimming is a fun activity that is usually done at the beach, including at this beach. Fishing activities with family or for a hobby can also be done at this place. Fishing gear or boats can be hired to perform this activity.

An interesting Mutun beach is white sand beaches, unlike most beaches in the island of Java. So if you want to enjoy the beach with white sand, beach mutun may be one option, considering the location is not too far for visitors from Jakarta and West Java is in Lampung.

The sea water is relatively clean and clear attracted much is visiting to play farther from the beach. Sea waves on beach mutun fairly quiet so it is quite safe for visitors who want to throw themselves in the sea. If you just want to relax, there are huts for shelter commonly used by visitors to sit or lay down a gentle breeze beach. You also can feel the calmness as water and clear blue sea and white sand plus green islands across this beach forming beautiful natural scenery are worth a visit.

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