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Central Sulawesi Museum is a museum of the province of Central Sulawesi , located in the city of Palu , Central Sulawesi . Located on Jl. Hazelnut No. 23. The establishment of the Central Sulawesi Museum begins outcome assessment conducted by one of the cultural Central Sulawesi, Masyhuddin Masyhuda BA. He idea to establish a museum contained in the article entitled “Perspectives Development of the State Museum of Central Sulawesi province” which was presented at upgrading the museum science at the National Museum in 1975. The existence of a strong desire to save the cultural heritage, the same year initiated its collection efforts through the assistance of the Governor of the Province of Central Sulawesi. Currently coaching Central Sulawesi Museum conducted by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Central Sulawesi. Prehistoric times is a period of human culture is still limited and simple. At the time of writing his supporters are not familiar with a simple lifestyle, nomadic, hunting and gathering. Subsequent developments humans began living sedentary, farming to some degree familiar with the use of metal. Period Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Megalithic and periodization of prehistoric times perundagian is known in Indonesia.

The Heritage prehistoric times in Central Sulawesi from the Mesolithic Period Paleolithic Period and until now has not found. But heritage oldest Neolithic Period comes from the discovery of a stone ax in the form of Donggala and Poso district in 1976. While heritage Megalithic Period and Period perundagian form of findings menhirs, menhir statues, kalamba, jars grave and objects made ​​of metal such as bronze ax tinggalannya spread in Central Sulawesi. Formed by nature with irregular shapes. In the Paleolithic period used as a hunting tool as well as cutting tools and types of axes are usually called ax perimbas (Chopper). Including the type of collection Arkeologika totaling 19 pieces and arranged on the Permanent Exhibition Room II.

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