Museum of the Pacific Islands

Museum Belitung The museum is located at Jalan Melati is located not far from the center of Tanjungpandan. Museum which was originally called the Museum of Geology is built on the initiative of DR. Osberger,a geologist Belgian nationality in 1963 when he was still serving in the unit Belitung tin mining.

At first the museum is a special store various types of rocks and models-models that describe the history of tin mining exploration has traditionally done well up to the use of modern devices. D In its development and also functioned as a storage objects of historic heritage kingdoms that once stood on the island of Belitung, which formed as a weapon of war, pottery, home furnishings etc. The back of the museum there is a mini zoo which stores a wide range of wildlife typical of the Pacific Islands such as deer, gazelles, crocodiles, gibbons, and so on.

Source : Travel Club Magazine

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