Bulungan Museum


Bulungan in North Borneo save valuable history, the Sultanate of Bulungan who formerly led in Bulungan area. However, unfortunately in 1964 the Bulungan Sultanate building on fire. For that in 1964 the government established the Bulungan Sultanate Museum located in Bulungan Palace. The museum is still stored objects of historic relics Bulungan Sultanate that was saved at the time of the fire, such as Beds Sultan, pictures, chairs, tables, and duplicate clothes greatness. To know the history of the Bulungan Sultanate You can also visit the old mosque which is also the historical heritage of the Sultanate of Bulungan, founded in 1929 is located in the district of Tanjung Palas.

Relics of the kingdom Bulungan laim is a tool of war in the form of cannon named Jasmine, Longing, and Revenge. Third cannon is now stored in the Bulungan Sultanate Tanjung Palas. You can also visit the tomb of Datu Adil families residing in the village Salimbatu. This location can only be reached via the river and takes about 30 minutes. Said that the story, Datu Adil is relative Bulungan Sultanate famous as the leader of a fair and wise.

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