Museum Balla Lompoa, The Reconstruction of the royal palace of Gowa

Museum Balla Lompoa Gowa are in a complex that is quite extensive. Its located in Jl . Sultan Hasanuddin 48, Sungguminasa,Somba Opu District, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi. At the peak of the roof of the museum looks buffalo head with horns curved upward, a unique local custom.

Museum building structures made ​​of Ulin wood (Eusideroxylon zwageri), which is also known as the heavy iron and the wood is very hard. Very impressive museum building is believed to be the home stage with the building structure is made of wood, the largest in the world. 

The house is in the beginning stage was a royal palace. The castle was built in 1936 by the King of Gowa XXXI named Mangngi – mangngi Daeng Matutu style, with distinctive architecture building of Makassar. The House on stilts which is about 2 meters has a main room measures 60×40 meters and a terrace with a size of 40×4.5 meters. In the main room there is a private room for the king, there are historical objects storage chamber, and the royal chambers, each measuring 6×5 meters. The visitor’s footwear must be removed to get into the museum, and are also asked to sign the guest book.

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